So now you have some reviews and you want to showcase your SpaceScore and reviews to the world. We've made it super easy to do that. Head over to your reviews dashboard where you'll see your review widget in the top right of the screen.

Place Your Widget on Your Website

If you manage your own website, copy and paste the HTML embed code from your widget of choice into your website in your desired place. You should make sure your host has enabled iframe embedding to ensure it works properly. If you have a webmaster, simply copy and paste the HTML embed code in an email/message to them and ask them to add it to your website. If you need help getting widgets added, you can always contact our support team and we'll try to lend a hand.

Free Review Widget

Centres using the free version of Space get a simple widget that shows the overall SpaceScore and number of reviews alongside their centre's name and logo. This is what the widget looks like when embedded on your website. We recommend placing it in your header or footer.

Premium Widgets (Space Essential)

Centres subscribed to Space Essential get more widgets that can beautifully display a review gallery, compliments, the centre's SpaceScore, number of reviews, and the centre's name and logo.

Premium Widget 1: Triple Column Review Gallery

Premium Widget 2: Double Column Review Gallery

Both premium widgets come with explainers for the compliments that are shown when a user hovers over the compliment badge. (See below for example.)

Widgets for Email & Social Media

We'll be releasing widgets that can be used in email signatures and social media in the near future. Stay tuned!

What's Next?

If you've read all our reviews articles, you are now an expert! One final thing– have you read our Reviews FAQ article yet?

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