Once you have received your first reviews – congrats! Now it is time to look over them and decide whether you'd like to respond. Sometimes it might be hard to think of a response to a very happy, five-star review other thank "thank you!", but we encourage you to engage with reviewers and always leave a reply. After all, these reviews will be read by other families searching for care and it is always helpful to see feedback from both centres and reviewers.

How to Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews is super simple.

  1. Head over to your review dashboard

  2. Find the review you'd like to respond to

  3. Click the Reply link

  4. Write your response to the reviewer and click Reply to submit

  5. Your response is saved and nested underneath the original review. The parent is also notified of your response via email. You can edit your response any time.

Review Response Time Limit

To ensure reviews have ample feedback, we ask that centres respond to reviews within a fortnight. Active/trial Space Essential customers can reply to reviews past the 2 week duration. If you have a backlog of reviews you'd like to respond to, you can start a trial of Space Essential - it is free, instant, and easy.

How to Pin Reviews

Have you received a review that you want the world to see? You can pin it to your listing page so that it is highlighted as "Most helpful" and is always shown before other reviews. To unlock the ability to pin reviews, you must have an active/trial Space Essential subscription.

Removal of Reviews Containing Prohibited Content

We do not remove reviews unless they contain spam, profanity, or fake/defamatory content. This applies regardless if a centre actively uses their Space account or if they subscribe to our free or paid services. To report a review, simply click the "Report" button on the review and fill the form. It will go straight to our reviews team and we'll urgently investigate and remove the review if it does indeed contain prohibited content. You can also contact support at any time by clicking the orange chat bubble in the bottom left of your screen.

What's Next?

Once you've got a few reviews, learn how you can showcase your reviews on your website via reviews widgets. Make sure to check our FAQs too - they are regularly updated.

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