Q: How do I get reviews?

A: There are several ways, read this article for more info.

Q: Why should I care about getting reviews from families?

A: We understand that some centres have concerns about being reviewed online. But we also think it creates significant opportunities to engage with and learn from reviewers. This includes building trust and credibility. The internet has made it easier than ever before for families attending centres to share their experiences and feedback. Centres can now choose to what extent they want to take part in these online conversations. Space has been purpose built for the childcare industry and as such, the reviews feature is a powerful option gathering and using constructive centre-family dialogue. It's also free for everyone to use.

Lastly, reviews are an incredibly important part of every purchase decision, especially for service based industries. We believe that receiving, engaging with, and proudly displaying your reviews will lead to higher occupancy, more satisfied families, and a consistent source of feedback and improvement for your centre.

Q: I want to ask my own survey questions in the review form, is this possible?

A: We talked with many families and centres an landed on three areas that reviewers can give feedback on:

  • Facilities: How would you rate the cleanliness and facilities at your centre?

  • Education & Activities: How would you rate the learning/education/activities offered at your centre?

  • Communication: How would you rate the communication and engagement from the centre and staff?

These are the factors that families searching for care resoundingly told us they care about. They are factors that centres can be proud of and consistently improve, if needed. With that in mind, we don't allow centres to ask custom questions in the review form at this time. If you'd like to request this feature, you can do so via Canny.

Q: What are compliments?

A: Compliments are a fun and easy way for families to give your centre kudos along with their actual review. You can proudly display these compliments on your listing page and widgets.

Review Widgets

Q: I want to showcase my reviews, how can I do that?

A: We provide centres with widgets that can be embedded on any website. Centres using the free version of Space get a simple widget that shows the overall SpaceScore and number of reviews alongside their centre's name and logo. Centres subscribed to Space Essential get more widgets that can beautifully display a review gallery, compliments, the centre's SpaceScore, number of reviews, and the centre's name and logo. Check this article for more info. We'll be releasing widgets that can be used in email signatures and social media in the near future.

Q: How do I add my widget to my website?

A: If you manage your own website, copy and paste the HTML embed code from your widget of choice into your website. You should make sure your host has enabled iframe embedding to ensure it works properly. If you have a webmaster, simply copy and paste the HTML embed code in an email/message to them and ask them to add it to your website. If you need help getting it added, you can always contact our support team and we'll lend a hand.

Managing Reviews

Q: What are ways I can manage my reviews?

A: All centres can reply to reviews from families from within their Space dashboard. Services that subscribe to our Space Essential package get special features, including:

  • The ability to pin your favorite reviews to the top of your listing and widgets

  • No time limit to reply to reviews

  • Access premium widgets to showcase your reviews & compliments in different ways

Q: What if I don't want reviews to display at all?

A: All good! Just ensure the "Show Space reviews on listing" toggle in your reviews dashboard is switched to off. (See below.)

Q: As a centre, can I hide or delete individual reviews?

A: No. We believe in building an inclusive and trustworthy platform for finding childcare, and if genuine reviews could be removed, we believe this inclusion and trust would be deeply impacted. With that in mind, we do not remove reviews unless they contain spam, profanity, or fake/defamatory content. This applies regardless if a centre actively uses their Space account or if they subscribe to our free or paid services. Centres can interact with reviewers and have their say by leaving a reply on each review via their Space account.

Q: A person left a review containing spam, profanity, or fake/defamatory content – what do I do?

A: If you believe a review has breached our Review Guidelines, click the “Report” button on the review. Our team is then alerted and will evaluate the review or comment to check if it violates our community guidelines. Once the review or comment has been confirmed to be in breach of our guidelines, Space will temporarily hide the review and reach out to the reviewer to allow them to make amends. Unless the reviewer updates it accordingly, it will remain offline.

Q: My Google reviews are displaying incorrectly or not at all, what should I do?

A: Click the “Google Reviews” tab on the Reviews page, then enable the toggle to showcase your hard earned reviews from Google. Google reviews are synced once per month. If your Google reviews are not populating correctly, contact support by clicking the orange chat bubble in the bottom left of your screen. Please have the URL to your business on Google Maps handy.

Home App Reviews

Q: What centres using Home app can start getting verified reviews from their families via the app?

A: Currently, the in-app review feature is limited to centres that are running Office as their CCMS with the Home app. We are currently working on bringing the feature to centres running Qikkids and Discover with Home app.

Q: My centre doesn't use Home app, is there a way I can still get verified reviews from families?

A: Currently, only reviews lodged via the Home app get badged as "Verified Enrolment".

Q: I don't want to receive reviews from Home app at all, how do I disable the feature?

A: Follow these instructions.

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