Centres that use Space and Home app can now get reviews from their families directly in the app! Watch the video for a full overview of the parent and centre experience for reviews.

Preparing for Release

Upon release (11 March), centre reviews in Home app will be enabled for families that attend centres that are registered on Space. In order for Home app reviews to be enabled for your service automatically:

  • Ensure your Space profile is up to date. Click here to access your Space dashboard.

  • Check that you have a valid and accurate ACECQA Service Approval ID added in Office → Service Settings

  • Let your families know the ability to submit reviews is now available via email or Office Comms Centre!

Finding & Validating your ACECQA Service ID

Most services will already have ACECQA service approval ID/number correctly set in Office. You should still ensure it is correct so that reviews may be submitted without issue at your centre.

Finding the ACECQA service approval ID/number:

  1. Open the ACECQA national register website and go to Service Search

  2. Enter your centre's name in the "Keywords" field and click Search

  3. Find your centre in the results and click the name

  4. Find your Service Approval No in the first line

  5. Copy the service approval number

To check your service ID is correctly set:

  1. Open the Service Settings page in Office

  2. Check that the ACEQCA Service ID field is filled out with a service ID that matches the one from the ACECQA register. If there is an incorrect service ID or the field is blank, put the correct ID into the field.

  3. Then click the Update button to save your change.

  4. You're all set!

If you are an enterprise provider with many centres, please contact your account manager to quickly validate all of your centres.

Informing Your Families

During our testing of this feature with several centres, we noted that when families were informed via email/comms centre of the new Reviews feature in the Home app, there was a substantially increased use of the feature. Here's some a sample email/message you can send to your families:

Hi families,

We want to let you know of a new feature in the Home app: you can now submit ratings, reviews, and compliments for our centre! We welcome your feedback and look forward to reading your reviews.

To submit a review, tap the green banner at the top of the Sign In/Out tab or tap the "Review Your Centre" button in the Account tab.

Have a great day!

How In-App Reviews are Shown on Space

Reviews that are lodged via Home app are badged as "Verified Enrolments" across the Space platform. This lets other families know that this review came from a family that attends (or attended) your centre.

Configuration Options

Although this feature will be enabled by default for all centres, rest assured, you are in complete control and can turn this Home app feature off and on at any time.

You are also able to control the visibility of your reviews via the Reviews page within your Space service dashboard. If you want to read the reviews as they come in but not publish them to your listing page – all good! Just ensure the "Show Space reviews on listing" toggle in your reviews dashboard is switched to off. (See below.)

Note: to keep the reviews fair for both families and centres, we do not allow centres to individually show or hide reviews – only to show all reviews or hide all reviews. Why?

Turning off Home App Reviews

To turn off the ability for families to see the review buttons in Home app and prevent the submission of reviews, follow the steps below. Note: this toggle is only visible to provider admins.

  1. Open Office and head to Settings -> Service Settings

  2. Then click the App Settings tab

  3. Scroll to the "HOME" section

  4. Turn off the Reviews feature by clicking the toggle and observing it is in the left/OFF position

  5. Click Save. The change may take up to a few hours to occur.

What's Next?

Once reviews start coming in, congrats! Take a look at our article about managing and responding to your reviews. Make sure to take a look over our FAQs too, we update them as we get questions.

Don't have Home app? If you'd like to discuss using it at your centre, get in touch with us here.

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