Hello again Space friends! It's been a while since our last What's New article – we've been busy making huge updates to the platform that we're excited to take you through. Let's get to it.

Centre Reviews - This is the big one. Starting today, we are bringing reviews to Space. Families will be able to leave reviews at centres via the Space website, from Home app (if your centre uses Home app), and via Google (which can be synced to a centre's listing page). This is a fairly huge body of work that cannot be covered in this one article, so we've created a series for you to get familiar with the features:

Comparisons - We're always trying to improve the tools families have when searching for their centres. That's why we've released a brand new tool that allows families to select up to three centres to compare side-by-side. Everything from fees, to open hours, to reviews can be easily compared in one screen. Not only can families compare easily, they can also send enquiries to all of the centres in the comparison with one click! Give it a try now: head over to the Space search for your suburb and click "Add to compare" on any service to add it to your comparison list.

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Enquiry Reporting Improvements - Space is growing, which means many centres are getting a lot of enquiries! We've revamped the export functionality on the service dashboard to: 1) allow centres to easily export all enquiries with one click; and 2) allow centres to add filters to their list of enquiries, then export the filtered enquiries with the final CSV containing only the filtered enquiries.

Snoozing Enquiry Notifications - We know that sometimes there isn't always an open vacancy for enquiring families. We've made it possible for centres to "Snooze" enquiry email notifications so that they don't receive emails from the Space platform when new enquiries are made at their centre. The enquiries will be ready and waiting in the dashboard when vacancies open!

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