If your centre is attached to a provider approval number in the ACECQA register and that provider approval number is also attached to the record of other centres, our system will allow you to roll all of these related centres into one login. This feature will allow multi-service providers to manage their Space enquiries and listing from one login.

Upon signing up or logging in with a service that is attached to a multi-service provider approval number, you will see this screen.

To find your provider approval number, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Find your service or provider on the ACECQA national register. You can search by your service name, postcode, or provider name.

  2. If you've searched using your service's name, click the corresponding service after searching and scroll to find the label that reads Provider Approval No. It will look like PR-XXXXXXXX where the X's are 8 randomised digits.

  3. If you've searched using your provider/business' name, then the provider approval number will be apparent in the results from your search and will be labeled Provider Approval No: PR-XXXXXXXX. You can also double check the services attached to this provider by clicking the "View approved services for this provider" button.

  4. Enter this provider approval number in the entry field on the Space page.

  5. Verify the emails of all attached services to complete the provider roll-up procedure.

If there are services that you want included/excluded from the provider login/view, you can contact our support team via chat and we'll do a custom mapping of the services. If you want a customised provider login email that is different from any of the service emails, you can also contact our support team via chat to help.

Currently it is not possible to have both: 1) a provider login that allows a user to manage multiple centres; and also 2) individual centre logins that allow the centre director to manage only their centre.

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