As of 6 August 2021, centres that use Office can now sync their entire Office waitlist into their Space account with just a few clicks. Here's how it works:

  1. Navigate to your Space dashboard and log into the service you'd like to import the waitlist into.

  2. Click the kebab menu on the top right (it looks like three vertical dots) and then select "Sync from Office".

  3. Login with your Office provider credentials (note: you must provider login credentials, not service credentials)

  4. Select a centre to sync the waitlist from

  5. If the waitlist is synced correctly, you'll see a green success notification with the number of waitlist entries that were synced

  6. Click one of the synced records to see a special badge letting you know the family has been synced from Office.

  7. You can do normal operations on these synced records (add notes/statuses, archive, invite the family to tour, etc)

  8. When the family is invited to enrol from Space, they will receive a special pre-filled enrolment form with the data they've already filled out from your Office waitlist form. Moreover, the family will not be duplicated in Office when they are invited to enrol and instead the enrolment record will be updated.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. You should ensure all waitlisted child profiles have parent profiles with emails attached to them before syncing to Space if you plan to use Space to trigger tours & enrolments for the synced records. If you just want to use Space to save statuses, labels, and notes on the synced families, a parent email is not required.

  2. Synced families are not duplicated with new syncs – you can sync as many times as you need and only new families will be added to Space.

  3. If you sync a family from Office, then delete/archive the family in Space, this family will stay in the Archived tab even if you sync again. This was intentional so that families are not duplicated over and over again.

  4. As a best practice, if you delete a family from the Office waitlist, you should also set their stage to "Delete" in Space as well.

  5. You can click the sync event in the enquiry history section of the enquiry detail popup to show details about when the record was synced from Office.

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