Hi there, Space friends! We have another update going live today that we're excited to share with you. Let's jump into it.

📆 Tours Enhancements

We heard your feedback about needing a bit more firepower behind the Tours feature. We're happy to say you can now schedule, reschedule, and cancel tours from the Tours page. We also brought the full enquiry detail popup to the Tours page when you click a tour, allowing you to see the full family information and export the calendar event to any calendar of your choice. More on this here.

🏘 Provider Accounts

If you are a multi-service provider, we have great news: you can now roll up all of your services into one login. We reference the provider approval numbers in ACECQA to help you get your services verified and attached. If your service has recently changed provider approval numbers or you find the register information we're using isn't accurate, don't hesitate to contact support via the help bubble in the bottom left of any Space webpage. We'll get you sorted out in no time.

🕵️‍ Enquiry Labels

Create, sort and filter by custom labels you can add to any enquiry. Just click an enquiry and add your labels in the bottom left of the detail popup. (Make sure you press ENTER afer each label you add, then click Save.)

🗑 Archivable Enquiries

You can now delete enquiries you no longer need which will be visible in the "Archived" tab of your enquiries dashboard.

🤞 Next Up

Here's what's up next in the coming weeks:

  • Performance Enhancements: Space is growing rapidly and we're making changes daily to ensure it runs smoothly and quickly. We're aiming to have most of these changes done in the next week.

  • Room & Fee Changes: We're hearing that centres want more flexibility when creating and displaying fees, which we're aiming to deliver in the next two weeks.

  • Sync from Office: Centres that are also Xplor Office customers will soon be able to sync their waitlist from Office with the click of a button (no bulk import required). When you're ready to invite any of these families to enrol, their submitted enrolment records in Office will be updated, not duplicated as they are currently if bulk import is used.

  • Shortlists: Parents will soon be able to shortlist centres while they're searching for care.

That's it for now, thanks!

We value and listen to your feedback. To submit and vote on feature requests and feedback, use our Space Canny Board.

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