What's New in Space - 10 Aug 2020 🚀

The Space team is hard at work shipping great new functionality to the Space platform. As an early adopter, you're getting first access to all of our juicy new features. (And these fancy new support articles and emails.😍 ) Check out what's new in Space below.

🛰 Interactions

You can now log the interactions you have with families about their enquiries right in the Space dashboard. Simply click an enquiry in your list to open the new enquiry detail popup, then click "Add Interaction". We think that's pretty space-age.

📍 Vacancy Alerts

Also known as local enquiries, vacancy alerts allow families to easily express interest in an entire area for childcare. Services can then reach out to the family to discuss their care requirements, offer a tour, etc. You'll see these leads in your dashboard with "Vacancy Alert" in the Enquiry Source column, which brings us to the next topic...

🔍 Enquiry Source Column

Now you can easily keep track of where your enquiries are coming from using the Enquiry Source column in the enquiry list.

  • Vacancy Alert enquiries are those that come from parents lodging a vacancy alert

  • Direct enquiries are those that come from the Space enquiry widget or form

  • Manual enquiries are those that are added via the "Add Enquiry" button on service dashboard

  • Imported enquiries are those that are added via bulk import on the service dashboard

💌 Additional Emails for Alerts

Want to receive enquiry and tour notifications on multiple emails? You now can! We've added the ability for services to add additional emails to get notifications to. Add as many emails as you want (separated by commas) in the "Additional Email Alerts" section of your Space service settings page.

🏷 Care Types

You can now set the types of care you offer (LDC, OSHC, etc) in your Space service settings page in the Details section. We've imported your service's care from the ACECQA register, but it may need to be updated if you've recently changed your care offerings.

🗓 Bulk Import Dates

Bulk Import now preserves the date that your enquiries were originally created, so you can preserve the order of the families in your waitlist. Head over to the support page for the excel template you'll need to import.

ℹī¸ New Support Centre

You're looking at it: our brand new support centre. We're adding more knowledge base articles to it everyday.

🌏 URL Changes

Your service's URL has been updated to be more human readable and now includes your service name, suburb and postcode. Your old link will still work fine, but we recommend updating any links you may have in ads, emails, etc to the new one. Find it on your service settings page by clicking the button in the top right that says "View My Listing".

📈 Custom Tracking Codes

Have your own Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel tracking codes? Our team can now add them to your Space page. Get in touch if you'd like them added.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more changes.

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