The enquiry status column in your service's enquiries list enables you to track the progress of a lead right on through to an enrolment. Here's what the statuses are triggered by and what they mean.

  • LEAD: All enquiries start at this stage and as such new enquiries will be highlighted in your enquiries list.

  • TOUR: The family has either booked a tour at your service or you have invited the parent to a tour. Check the notes within the enquiry to verify.

  • WAITLIST: You have added the family to your waitlist

  • OFFERED: When you click the "Offered" button, an email is sent to the family with instructions on how to enrol. (Make sure you've completed your enrolment configuration to enable enrolment invitations.)

  • ENROLED: You can acknowledge receipt of a finished enrolment by marking as enroled.

  • ARCHIVED: If you want to delete an enquiry, it will appear in your "Archived" tab. The parent will not be informed. You will be able to move this family back to any stage as they have not been deleted from your Space dashboard

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