You can choose from three choices to enable enrolment functionality on Space. Note- when you invite the parent to Enrol, the status of the enquiry will change to OFFERED. To access the Enrolment Form Configuration in Settings, click here.

  1. Online Enrolment Form: if you are an Xplor Office customer or use an online enrolment platform, you can copy and paste your online enrolment form link into Service Settings page. Your enrolment form link must be publicly accessible and fillable by any family you invite. When you invite a family to enrol, they then can access the link you provide to complete their enrolment. An enquiry's status will switch to ENROLLED once a family has indicated they've finished the enrolment. At that point, you should check your enrolment platform for their enrolment to make sure you have all the information that is needed.

  2. PDF Form: if you have a PDF form you normally send to families for enrolments, you can upload this PDF form into the service settings page. Then, when you invite a family to enrol, it will be emailed to them to complete. Once they send the form back via email or bring it in-person, you/your staff can change the status of the enquiry to ENROLLED.

  3. Special Instructions: do you have a special enrolment process not covered by above? (E.g. MyFamily Lounge, etc) You can add in specific instructions to families as well as any web links in the service settings page and families will receive the instructions via email when invited to enrol. Once they complete your enrolment process, you/your staff can mark that enquiry as complete if all is well.

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